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In Death's Dream Kingdom

Yves De Mey - Solemn But Fading

About Solemn But Fading

The Hollow Men inspired me for several reasons: there’s obviously the incredibly beautiful wording - i’m not a poetry lover per se, but T.S. Eliot is in my opinion second to none.

The duality in the poem: is it about love, is it about war, defeat or hope…? There’s hardly any doubt left in the last paragraph, but the path to those 4 lines makes you reflect on every step. It’s definitely not something i wanted to mimic with my track, but i hope there’s a glimpse of that duality in it….

Yves De Mey

Yves De Mey's musical path consists of many different roads. During the second half of the 90's, his releases were clearly rooted in breakbeats and UK drum'n'bass. Soon after that, through working for theater and dance performances and doing large scale sound installations, his interest in experimental sound design found its way into his music.

He’s also very active as a sound designer and sound engineer for film and TV, doing various jobs, ranging from alienated sound design to mixing for cinema.

In 2009 his album "Lichtung" (based on the score he made for a dance performance) was released by the influential Line label. Around that time, De Mey's main tool in the studio became his ever-expanding modular synthesizer system. This definitely changed his way of working and obviously his sound as well, shifting from an elaborate niftiness in the digital realm to an obsessive cable-patched shaping of the real sound of electricity.

Between 2009 and today, De Mey released numerous records on different labels (Line, Sandwell District, Opal Tapes,Entr’acte, Modal Analysis,…) to wide critical acclaim, and he has played live concerts and DJ-sets around the world. 2016 was a milestone year with well-received albums on Spectrum Spools (Drawn with Shadow Pens) and on Editions Mego (with his other project Sendai - Ground and Figure).

Together with his good friend Peter Van Hoesen (from Sendai), he also runs Archives Intérieures, a label for challenging and sophisticated electronic music.

In 2017, the UK based Inner Surface label released a full album of De Mey’s other moniker Grey Branches, called Neuroclaps. It’s a somewhat wild take on what could be non-functional club music.