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In Death's Dream Kingdom

Shapednoise - Ghostly Metafiction

About Ghostly Metafiction

The part of “The Hollow Men” that really resonated with me is V, the lines that describe the acts of creation, communication, and desire as plunged into shadow. I’ve tried to recreate that kind of darkness, that sense of absurdity and confusion in which thought and action meet. In this sense, I’ve created a sort of metafiction, recreating that ghostly nowhere-land through the noise. This to me is Death’s Dream Kingdom: a scary yet fertile space of chaos and possibility, inhabited by spectres. Its essence can only be grasped by describing the act of imagining itself.


Berlin-based Italian producer Shapednoise has been working as an independent musician for the past four years, releasing his music for some of the most influent labels in the avant-garde panorama like Hospital Productions and Type. He focuses his research on noises and innovative practices within the production process. More specifically, he is experimenting with unconventional production practices using field recordings, modular synthesizers, and extreme digital processing in order to explore the metamorphosis of sounds when combining unusual timbres, structures, and rhythms. Shapednoise was involved in several collaborative projects, with Justin K. Broadrick, Black Rain, Rabit, Mumdance and Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker to name just a few. His unique style has shown its unquestionable versatility to the taste of illustrious colleagues like Aphex Twin.